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Pest Control Career Opportunities In Nacogdoches & Kellar, TX

Perfect Pest Control Services provides integrated pest management and assessment pest management services for long-term care communities across the state, and growing every day to expand to different regions. We are seeking Pest Management Professionals who want to get in on a ground-level type of growth, for a company we plan to keep in our family for many years to come.

The Owners of PPC both worked full field routes for years getting started, balancing a wife and kids at home, so we understand and value the importance of your family to you. We aren't your family, but we want our employees to feel happy with their professional work team, so they can be as happy as possible at home and find a fulfilling career in our company. We have a long history of making sure our employees feel that they can be open and honest with us about their needs and we do our best to meet them and return the honesty through our transparent style of operations.

Everyone says the same thing about their customers... but we actually have to try to build processes to slow our technicians down. We would rather you take longer to do a service right than speed through 20 customers a day and lose 3 of them by the end of each day. Our growth strategy is slow and steady, as our 11 years have shown by only increasing our customer base, rarely losing any commercial customer. We are not trying to outgrow ourselves with ambitious marketing with built in retention loss. The owners, managers, CA's, and everyone in the field is expected to do what they say and say what they do when it comes to customers as well as one another.

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Apply to PPC if you want to be part of a small company that is aiming for big things, a reliable career with reliable values, and be a part of a team that is working every day to be a little better than we were yesterday.

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