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Quality Pest Control For Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities & More!

With over a decade of experience providing comprehensive pest control services to nursing homes and assisted living facilities in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, Perfect Pest Control Services is the leading pest control provider for these sensitive environments. Our team of certified applicators and technicians are knowledgeable in the industry regulations for pest control in medical facilities and expertly control common business-invading pests such as bed bugs, cockroaches, spiders, termites, and more in a wide variety of commercial properties.

Our Commercial Pest Control Options

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At Perfect Pest Control Services, our commercial customers typically receive ongoing, monthly pest control services. While our team specializes in commercial bed bug treatments in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, we can also develop customized pest treatment plans for other pests and industries including apartment buildings, office spaces, and more.

For all of our commercial customers, we've created a unique treatment plan, fully customized to the exact needs of their organization. And when you partner with us, we’ll create a plan to meet your needs, too! Here at Perfect Pest Control Services, our most popular commercial pest control offerings include:

  • Our general pest control plans

  • Bed bug control and prevention

  • Quality termite control and exclusion services

  • Professional mosquito abatement

At Perfect Pest Control Services, we strive to keep commercial properties free of pests. Whether you're dealing with bed bugs in your nursing home or cockroaches in your restaurant, we want to help solve your pest problems, and solve them FAST! We deliver environmentally-sound commercial solutions that focus not only on eliminating pests but also tailoring your pest control solutions to the unique needs of your business. Unlike other pest control companies, we’re not in the volume sales business. We invest the time needed to get to the root of the pest problems which allows us to deliver the right solution for your commercial facility. To get started with our services, reach out to us today!

Facilities We Service

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Nursing & Assisted Living Homes

At Perfect Pest Control, we began 100% focused on providing pest control for nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Now we're the leading provider for these environments! With extensive experience servicing these industries, we understand how to meet the pest control regulations and documentation requirements.

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Apartment Buildings

Close living quarters are the ideal breeding ground for many pests including bed bugs, which is why investing in pest control is so important. Our certified technicians provide effective pest control solutions for apartment buildings to eliminate existing pest problems and prevent future infestations from occurring.

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Medical Facilities

Hospitals and medical facilities demand an environment of high-sanitation to ensure that both patients and medical products are not contaminated. Our experience in similar environments such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities have made us experts in professional healthcare pest control methods as well!

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Office Buildings

The large volume of people coming in and out of office spaces can make pest control difficult in these buildings. Perfect Pest Control Services can protect your office space with a customized treatment plan, designed to locate the origin of pest problems to prevent future infestations while eliminating current pest infestations!

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Hotels & Motels

Unfortunately, pests problems such as bed bug and cockroach infestations are very common in hospitality environments. At Perfect Pest Control Services, we can provide the expert pest control services needed to eliminate any current pest problems and work to keep new pest invaders out of your establishment.

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One pest sighting can ruin the reputation of your restaurant and potentially even lead your business to be shut down. And that's the last thing we want for you! Perfect Pest Control Services offers quality solutions to common business-invading pests to ensure that your restaurant becomes and remains pest-free!

Why Choose Perfect Pest Control Services?

Perfect Pest Control is family-owned and operates under one shared company vision. Our employees are carefully selected based on their qualifications and their desire to treat customers with the same high-quality service that they themselves would expect to receive from a professional pest control company.
When you partner with us for commercial pest protection, you can expect:

  • 10 expertly trained certified applicators and technicians.

  • Over a decade of experience in the pest control industry

  • Professional canine bed bug inspection services.

  • A one-year warranty on many of our pest control services.

To get started with our commercial pest control services, reach out to us at Perfect Pest Control Services today! We'd be happy to provide the services needed to resolve your pest problem and prevent pests from invading your business in the future. All you have to do is give us a call or request a service for your business by filling out the form below.

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