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Pest Control For Long Term Care Communities

Complete Pest Control Solutions For The DFW Area

Perfect Pest Control Services, LLC strives to be the premier pest control provider to long-term care communities across the state of Texas, utilizing specialized reporting to collaborate with our customers' regulatory compliance needs.

Perfect Pest Control works closely with each community to strive for a pest-free environment for all the residents, families, and employees. Beyond regular service, we pride ourselves on collaborating with customers to educate the facility staff and corporate partners on integrated pest management practices that can positively impact results. Some of the most common pest issues covered by our services are roaches, spiders, ants, rodents, bed bugs, flies, gnats, and termites. Any number of pest issues can develop at these communities, but Perfect Pest Control is the perfect solution to all your pest control needs.

Tailored Treatment Options

Interior Treatments

  • Inspection and treatment of kitchen and dining areas
  • Inspection and treatment of riser rooms, mechanical, electrical, utility closets, and common area bathrooms and shower rooms as necessary
  • Fly light maintenance, inspection, and glue board replacement
  • Inspection of resident rooms as denoted in the logbook per facility or resident and treatment if necessary
  • Provision of a logbook with an SDS CD-Rom and log sheets as well as dividers for monthly reports and helpful protocols for common issues
  • Communication with Executive Directors, Maintenance, and Dietary Managers each visit to gather information, address concerns and issues, and report on observations and remedies

Perfect Pest Control Services is an industry leader with experience in providing pest services to long-term care communities. We will treat common areas as determined by inspection and communication with facility managers. Our policy of treating a resident's room is very strict in accordance with the Federal label laws on all chemicals we use, which typically states the resident is not present during application and stays out until the chemical has dried/dissipated. For many of our treatments, the room can be treated and residents can return the same day. We will only be able to treat as effectively as we are legally able given different circumstances.

Exterior Treatments

  • Inspection around the facility identifying entry points and areas conducive to pests, followed by collaboration with facility management on correcting these issues
  • Treatment around the exterior with various methods, including weep holes, window ledges, AC units, exits, dumpsters, and any additional areas of concern that are conducive for pests
  • Treatment of active ant mounds in lawn
  • Termination and removal of wasps nests
  • Rodent bait stations maintained and added as needed to effectively control and prevent rodents (If entry points are found, exclusion may be required at a separate price).
  • Methods include, but not limited to: baits, liquid chemical, dusts, or granules needed to combat various issues (Some treatments may require additional costs, depending on the scope of service needed). 

The Perfect Pest Control Difference

When partnering with Perfect Pest Control, you get a pest control provider who puts the needs of your specific communities as a priority. We strive to be the premier pest control provider to long-term care communities in the southern United States.

We value our clients and have retained long-lasting relationships with our management companies by aligning our goals with their needs. All of our technicians service long-term care facilities each and every day. Each technician knows common laws and regulations that the facilities have to adhere to, and common issues that they experience. The advantage to choosing Perfect Pest is that our unique expertise in this market allows our customers peace of mind should any issue arise, knowing that we will be professional and swift to resolve. Perfect Pest utilizes a dynamic software that allows us to not only provide digital tracking and cloud-based service reports and invoicing, but also allows us to input extremely specific data in each service so that we can show trending issues and how and when they were resolved. This data can be reviewed and shared at a corporate level to allow our clients to evaluate their staff and Perfect Pest’s accountability in addressing and resolving issues.

Most importantly, over the years we have learned that our most valuable tool is to educate our customers on actions they can take to mitigate pest issues, so we offer collaborative meetings with the various management levels within our customers' structure to share and educate key steps and observations to get the best results.

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