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Complete Residential Pest Control Solutions For The DFW Area

With our 100% customizable quarterly home pest control plans, we’re the PERFECT solution to all your home pest control needs. At Perfect Pest Control Services, we provide the general pest control solutions needed to keep your home free from ants, spiders, cockroaches, rodents, and other common Texas household pests.

In addition, we also offer follow-up visits between our service appointments, as needed. For protection from termites, bed bugs, mosquitoes, and more view our additional pest control solutions below!

Professional Termite Control Treatments

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Here in Texas, homes are at especially high risk of termite infestations. In fact, subterranean termites cause millions of dollars in property damage annually, and it's estimated that more than one of every five homes will be attacked by termites at some point in time. Why take that risk? When you partner with us at Perfect Pest Control Services, we'll inspect your property for signs of trenching and rotting and if termites activity is found, we'll treat with Trelona ATBS - an effective termite baiting system. In addition, our services come with a one-year warranty to ensure that your property remains completely termite-free!

At Perfect Pest Control Services, our termite treatments include:

  • Inspections for trenching and rotting

  • Trelona ATBS termite baiting system

  • One-year renewable and transferable warranty


Quality Bed Bug Inspections & Treatment Options

Bed bugs reproduce rapidly, quickly creating severe infestations once introduced into your home. If you suspect that you're dealing with a bed bug infestation, reach out to us at Perfect Pest Control Services to eliminate them before they take over your home! We’ll provide you with a detailed bed bug preparation sheet prior to your service so you’ll know exactly how to prepare your home for our effective bed bug treatments. Our chemical bed bug treatments typically take between 12 and 24 hours to be completely effective.
At Perfect Pest Control Services, our professional bed bug treatments include chemical bed bug treatments, non-toxic chemical application (if needed), canine bed bug inspections (if requested), and a follow-up visit 30 days after your initial treatment. To request a quality bed bug treatment for your home, give us a call today!

Rodent Control & Exclusion

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If rodents have overstayed their welcome in your home, Perfect Pest Control Services can help! Our rodent control services use a combination of trapping and baiting techniques to eliminate existing rodent infestation along with exclusion work to prevent mice or rats from gaining access to your home in the future! Our exclusion service plan is customized based on your specific needs.
Here at Perfect Pest Control Services, our rodent control services include:

  • Rodent trapping and baiting services

  • Professional rodent removal

  • Exclusion services to seal your home against future rodent entry

Professional Mosquito Abatement

Due to the year-round warm climate found here in Texas, the mosquitoes in our area can thrive all year long, creating problems for many Nacogdoches, Keller, and DFW residents. If mosquitoes bite and chase you inside, give us a call for residential mosquito treatments. At Perfect Pest Control Services, our mosquito control services include a backpack misting system to control mosquito populations as well as a one-time mosquito treatment option which is perfect for outdoor events and seasonal treatments for ongoing mosquito control which are applied every 21 days to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Here in Texas, pest problems are no joke and can actually put both your family and your home at risk. To get started with one of our residential pest control plans or any of our other targeted pest control services, feel free to reach out to us. We'd be happy to help solve your pest problems and set you on the right track for a pest-free home and yard!

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